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Premium Potatoes

Vibrant red skin with a rich yellow interior and a sweet creamy taste. The perfect potato to roast, boil or pan-fry. Elevate your next meal with the great taste and appeal of Golden Red premium potatoes.


Attributes Image
Attributes Image


Mildly earthy with a
sweet finish


Round to oval,
medium‑sized potato


Skin has a pleasing al dente
texture after cooking while
the flesh is perfectly creamy


Rich, eye-catching red skin
with golden yellow flesh


Store in a cool, dry,
dark location until use


Potato innovation doesn’t happen overnight or even in one growing season. Agronomists are long at work in test fields across the globe with the goal of growing better-tasting, better-looking and better-growing potatoes. These trials take years and the number of test candidates at the onset of testing might start out at 200 different varieties with eventually one or two reaching commercial production. This is the story of how new potato varieties are born.

This potato variety started out in the Netherlands where it showed early promise based on yield, internal and external quality as well as disease and insect resistance. Likewise, the variety performed well in growing regions of the United States and Canada. Sensory testing showed that not only does the Golden Red taste better than standard mainstream red potatoes, its internal and external appearance outshines its commodity counterpart.

Chris McAdams, Research Chef

Beyond the appearance of the Golden Red is its performance in the kitchen and the flavor. Research Chef Chris McAdams said of Golden Red, “I truly believe this potato was built for potato salad, it’s phenomenal in that application. Once it’s cooked, it holds its shape and texture much better than comparable potatoes. When you cut it after boiling it doesn’t break apart or get grainy, which is what makes it ideal for a potato salad.” Chef Chris also recommends consumers prepare this potato either boiled, roasted or fried. “These methods,” he said, “highlight the creamy texture and sweet, mildly-earthy flavor.”

Golden Red is an RPE exclusive varietal. Since the 1950s we have been potato industry innovation leaders. Innovation in storage longevity and crop management along with trial varietals are the bedrock of the company and remain a core value today.

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