High Quality Fresh Potatoes and Onions

At RPE, great brands like Farmer’s Promise and Tasteful Selections® represent high-quality fresh potatoes and onions that grace the dinner tables of families all across the country every day. We focus on delivering delicious, innovative and quality products from our family to yours.

Bite-size Potatoes

Flavor Profile: Mix of sweet, nutty and fresh flavors with consistently soft textures.                        

Size: Small


Flavor Profile: Yellow, red and white onions are a reliable powerhouse for all your onion category needs.

Size: Medium – Large


Flavor Profile: Known for their brown, hearty skin, earthy flavor and white flesh; light and fluffy after baking.

Size: Medium – Large

Red Potatoes

Flavor Profile: Rosy red skin and moist flesh; slightly sweet and have an always-tender texture.

Size: Small

Sweet Potatoes

Flavor Profile: Orange, copper-like skin with moist textures and a mildly sweet and earthy flavor.

Size: Medium – Large

Yellow Potatoes

Flavor Profile: Golden skin and golden flesh, naturally smooth with a buttery taste and creamy texture.

Size: Medium – Large