Whether served as an ingredient, appetizer or side dish, onions from RPE, LLC. provide flavor, texture and color to enhance everyday meals. Offered in yellow, red, white a sweet, our onions are a reliable powerhouse for all your retail and foodservice needs.

Onion storage and handling tips:

    • Store onions in a cool, dry, place
    • Although they taste great together, do not store onions with potatoes or any other produce that releases moisture
    • Keep onions away from heat sources or direct sunlight
    • Onions can be delicate—refrain from dropping onions as it can cause bruising or internal defects
    • Do not store whole onions in plastic bags. Preventing air circulation can reduce shelf life.
    • Once onions have been cut, they can be stored in a sealed plastic bag/container and refrigerated.

You can find our onions under Farmer’s Promise.

Red Onions

Vibrant color makes red onions a great choice for fresh uses, grilling, charbroiling and roasting. 

White Onions

Often used in prepared salads and white sauces, and is the traditional onion for classic Mexican cuisine; white onions have a golden color and sweet flavor when sauteed. 

Yellow Onions

Full-Flavored and a reliable standby for cooking almost anything; yellow onions turn rich, dark brown when cooked and give French Onion Soup its tangy , sweet flavor.