Thanks to its sumptuous, buttery flavor and creamy texture, yellow potatoes have become exceedingly popular. A great potato for grilling, roasting and mashing, yellow potatoes are versatile for various applications. The natural buttery richness of yellow potatoes means you can use less butter for a lighter, healthier meal. RPE, LLC. offers a range of bags, boxes and potato sizes to suit your needs.

Yellow potato storage and handling tips:

    • Potatoes are living foods they continue the metabolic process after harvest, making proper handling and storage critical to quality.
    • With proper care, potatoes have an on-shelf life of 21 days
    • Temperature: Proper temperature is 45 degrees to 50 degrees
    • Humidity: Maintain relative humidity around 95 percent and maintain proper ventilation
    • Light: Turn off storage lights and minimize exposure to all other lights
    • Avoid dropping or bruising potatoes—a fall of even a few inches can cause bruising

You can find our yellow potatoes under an assortment premium of brands including but not limited to Farmer’s Promise and private label.