An eye-catching addition to your meal, red potatoes add appealing textures and flavor to your side dishes, salads and stews. Red potatoes stay firm throughout the cooking process, due to their waxy textures, making them a perfect addition to your everyday meal. RPE, LLC. offers red potatoes with both white and yellow flesh, giving you the choice to select the perfect red potato to fulfill your needs.

Red potato storage and handling tips:

    • With proper care, potatoes have an on-shelf life of 21 days
    • Temperature: Proper temperature is 45 degrees to 50 degrees
    • Humidity: Maintain relative humidity around 95 percent and maintain proper ventilation
    • Light: Turn off storage lights and minimize exposure to all other lights
    • Avoid dropping or bruising potatoes—a fall of even a few inches can cause bruising

You can find our red potatoes under an assortment premium of brands including but not limited to Farmer’s Promise, Northwoods and private label.