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Survey Findings

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  • 25-54 years old
  • Ethnically balanced


  • Most consumers use recipes monthly or more
  • 53% love to cook and consider it one of their favorite activities 
  • 69% find recipes via websites
  • Of people who actively search for recipes, 78% use search engines and 36% use YouTube
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Why do they choose a recipes?

  • 91% Has detailed instructions
  • 88% Total time is 30 mins or less
  • 86% Minimal Prep time
  • 83% Number of ingredients is 5 or less
  • 82% Specific type of cuisine 

Why don't they choose a recipe?

  • 47% Takes too long
  • 41% Don’t have ingredients
  • 37% Too many steps
  • 36% Too many ingredients
  • 36% Unfamiliar ingredients

Potato Market Update

Growers in Wisconsin have started to plant russet potatoes. Movement and pricing remain steady in all shipping areas.

New crop red and yellow potatoes from Florida are in excellent demand, creating solid markets. In California, growers expect similar crop yields to last year for their new crop, red and yellow potatoes.

Storage crop white potatoes remain in the Northeast; these supplies stay in the area, servicing the Northeast. Florida began shipping a new crop of white potatoes, with most of that crop remaing in the area.

New crop fingerling potatoes are slow to enter the market in both Florida and California. New crop pricing remains very high.

Onion Market Update

Single Yellow OnionNew crop California onions are now in full swing. Growers in the Imperial Valley started up with yellow onions last week and will start organic, red and white onions this week. Quality is good and the season has started strong.

Storage supplies in the Columbia Basin are winding down. Storage crop yellow onions are available from a few growers, but supplies are limited.

Overall transportation availability is good; however, rates are still strong in all growing regions.

America’s favorite vegetable is important for both consumers and retailers in the grocery space. As a vegetable that offers consistent sales throughout the year, potatoes are also versatile in any cuisine for consumers. Potatoes are the number one volume-driven vegetable at retail. Learn how to maximize potato categories throughout the store and online to increase long-term sales.