Consumers are balancing sustainability and safety

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Consumers are balancing sustainability and safety​

When the threat of the virus has subsided, pre-COVID-19 trends toward recycling, refilling, responsibility and advanced environmentally friendly commitments will return.

Consumers will once again include packaging in their more conscious consumption habits. Shoppers will be looking for ways to avoid single-use plastics and reduce, or ideally prevent, plastic pollution.

Brands, however, should not discount consumers’ newfound appreciation for hygiene, and they should look for ways to meet consumers’ dual desires for safety and sustainability.

Potato Market Update

The russet potato market has seen minimal change to pricing, along with a very lackluster demand. All areas appear comfortable with their remaining supplies to make it until the new crop arrives.

New crop white potatoes are available in both California and Florida. Most of the product remains near the shipping points, with very steady pricing

Movement on yellow potatoes continues to be very steady. Storage crop is available in Idaho, North Dakota, Colorado and Canada, and new crop is moving in Florida and California. Growers in Arizona will be bring new crop yellow potatoes to market soon. Pricing remains very steady.

New crop fingerlings are available from growers in Florida and California. The crop is looking great!

Growers in Arizona are expecting to bring new crop red potatoes to market in late May/early June.  Texas growers have completed planting are starting to see new crops appear!

Onion Market Update

California onions are in good supply with new crop quality yellow, red, white, sweet and organic onions! New crop quality has been excellent and markets are steady.

Storage crop yellow onions are still showing an abundance of supply in the Oregon/Washington Columbia Basin. Growers are nearing the end of their supplies of storage crop red onions and white onions are being repacked. Storage crop onions will be available until fresh crop over winter onions and transplant crops come to market.

Texas is shipping its new crop onions with good availability and steady demand. Sweet onions are available out of Georgia and are in good supply.

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Just in time for Memorial Day

From sea to shining sea, consumers will love Tasteful Selections’ American Blend.