COVID-19 Potato and Onion Update.

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Potato Market Update

Supplies of storage crop russet potatoes are winding down in all shipping regions. New crop russet potatoes are becoming available from growers in Kansas, Texas and Washington. Prices continue to be above average. Demand on all varieties appears to be good. New crop russet potatoes are coming along in all shipping states.

A lot of growing areas will begin harvest within the next few days. Expect new crop red potatoes to enter the market soon.

Yellow potato harvest is beginning in some states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington and Michigan. Pricing remains high, we expect pricing to descend as more and more product becomes available.

New crop white potatoes have become available in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Washington. The crop looks great with pricing remaining average.

The new crop of fingerling potatoes is available and the quality looks beautiful. Pricing remains normal.

Onion Market Update

Phase three of the USDA Families to Food Box Program has been announced. It looks like that will continue to keep the consumer pricing strong due to the fact there are new rules that call specifically for a root vegetable in the box. Foodservice business continues to trend on a positive trajectory.

Growers in the Northwest are shipping summer yellows and reds with some whites becoming available this week. There are still new crop onions available out of New Mexico at least through the end of July and into early August. California growers have a good mix of yellows, reds and whites through the second week of August.

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