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  • Post category:March 2021

Potato Market Update

Russet potato demand remains steady. Pricing continues to be under pressure in Idaho with the rest of the country holding steady. Other states are expecting their remaining supplies will match the demand before the new crop arrives in late July. Quality remains consistently above average in all shipping areas.

The demand for yellow potatoes continues to outpace that of previous years. Storage crop supplies are winding down in Colorado, Idaho and North Dakota. New crop yellow and red potatoes are now available in Florida.  The yellow potato market continues to stay strong as storage crop yellow supplies wind down much faster than storage crop red supplies.

The white potato market remains steady. Storage crop supplies remain very limited throughout the Northeast and new crop is starting to become available but on a very limited basis. The majority of the new crop of white potatoes remains in the southeast.

Storage crop fingerling potato supplies are available from growers in Colorado and Idaho with very adequate supplies to entice some possible promotions.

Onion Market Update

The Columbia Basin in Oregon/Washington still has excellent quality storage crop red and yellow onions available. Pricing has stabilized over the last week, and the markets are seeing good demand on both yellow and red onions of all sizes. The medium-sized yellow onion market is still seeing strong demand, due to retail business and the Farmers to Families Food Box program.

Texas growers have their new crop ramping up next week. New crop Texas sweet, yellow and red onions will soon be available; contact your RPE sales representative for more information.

New crop onions from California are on track to start shipping at the end of April.