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'Shrinkflation' - Are Shoppers Noticing?

  • When asked which categories consumers have noticed shrinking pack sizes, 51% mentioned chips, 37% mentioned cereal, 29% mentioned candy bars and 26% mentioned toilet paper.
  • High price sensitive shoppers are significantly more likely to notice shrinking pack sizes. 
  • 27% of shoppers say they have not noticed any categories that are shrinking their pack sizes.

What consumers say they are doing as a result of shrinking pack sizes...

Shrinking pack size consumer graph
SOURCE: 84.51° Real Time Insights Survey, August 2022

Potato Market Updates

Baked Potato All major russet potato shipping regions are up and running. All areas are reporting smaller sizes with lower-than-average yields. Larger sizes are harder to find, driving pricing higher than normal for the start of the new crop season.

Not much has changed in the yellow potato market over the past couple of weeks. All major areas are shipping potatoes, with the market remaining very steady. Yields, like russet potatoes, are average.

The white potato market is very steady, with a majority of demand and supplies remaining in the Northeast and the Southeast.

The demand for fingerling potatoes remains red hot. Not many in the market are keeping pricing very strong. 

Onion Market Updates

Cutting a red onionGrowers in the Columbia Basin are seeing significant demand in all sizes and colors. California growers have finished their season, adding pressure to the Columbia Basin demand. Growers in Idaho are getting started in a small way.

The overall size profile is small, with jumbo-sized onions, and larger, in very high demand with high market pricing.

Quality has been reported as excel.