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Potato Market Update

The russet potato market has seen minimal change. Foodservice has seen a slight uptick with the opening of restaurants in some states; however, the market is nowhere near normal. Pricing remains relatively steady on all sizes in both Colorado and Wisconsin, with slight pressure on the consumer sizes. There are several shipping areas that are trying to pack some Burbank russet potatoes intended for processing; it remains to be seen if they’ll be able to make delivery to normal retail customers.

The storage crop red potato market is limited. Growers in Texas have completed planting although some of the earliest plants were set back due to frosty temperatures. Florida shipping regions are reporting moderate demand. Foodservice activities are sporadic at best.

Storage crop yellow potato supplies will be wrapping up within the next several weeks. Once storage crop is done, the market may see a significant price increase due to decreased supplies.

New crop white potatoes are being shipped from growers in Florida and California. The majority of these potatoes are being shipped to close-in customers at an above-average cost.

Supplies of storage crop fingerling potatoes are winding down with the only variety remaining available being the yellow fingerlings. New crop fingerlings are slowly becoming available from growers in both California and Florida. 


Onion Market Update

Onion demand at the retail level remains high; however, onion foodservice demand remains sluggish due to COVID-19 restaurant restrictions. Open market pricing for medium-size yellow onions is still exceeding jumbo-size yellow onions due to the increased retail demand.  

The red onion market remains soft as supply continues to exceed demand.

California growers have new crop red, yellow and organic onions available! Contact your RPE sales representative for new crop California onions or northwest storage crop onions today!

An eye-catching addition to your meal, red potatoes add appealing textures and flavor to your side dishes, salads and stews. Red potatoes stay firm throughout the cooking process, due to their waxy textures, making them a perfect addition to your everyday meal. There’s more to know…

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