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Category Insights: Barriers to Spending

Spending reticence now more clearly driven by inflationary/price increase concerns

Price concerns have increased across all income levels and are flat across ages and ethnicities, pointing to signs of inflation; Nonetheless,experience of shopping seems to have clearly improved.

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Potato Market Update

Russet Potato There is a strong and steady demand for russet potatoes in all shipping areas. Prices continue to rise on all sizes throughout all regions. Due to decreased Idaho supply, you can expect to see some record-high prices this summer. 

The weather has been a factor for some of our red potato growers. Few have seen delays due to rain and frost. Many growers are in the middle of their growing season, and we are eager to see the new crop of red potatoes later this summer.

Pricing and movement remain very steady on white potatoes. The majority of the volume remains near its origins in Florida and California.

Yellow potato pricing continues to increase, and supplies begin to shrink throughout the country. Storage crop is all but done and new crop yellow potato supplies in Florida are also winding down. Growers in California are just coming to market with solid demand.

Demand for fingerling potatoes is strong, with prices even stronger. Unfortunately, supplies are almost non-existent at this time.

Onion Market Update

White OnionsThe overall onion market and its movement have been steady on all sizes and colors. The primary shipping region is currently in California, with growers wrapping up in the desert region and transitioning north.

Growers in the Columbia Basin and Idaho have finished up storage crop supplies and are monitoring the crops in the ground. A new crop of onions will start coming to market later this month with overwinter onions followed by transplants.

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