Merchandising best practices for 2022

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Merchandising Best Practices

Retailers with diverse potato sets sell more potatoes and get a higher everyday price for potatoes, according to an IRI merchandising best practices study commissioned by Potatoes USA.

The study findings help grocery decision-makers optimize in-store displays for America’s favorite vegetable.

Enjoy this informative Potatoes USA/IRI report.

Potato Market Update

Russet potato demand remains stable in all shipping areas. The biggest hindrance continues to be a shortage of available trucks throughout the country. FOB prices continue to be steady to strong.

Perfect Florida weather has allowed the replanted October crop to thrive. As of today. New crop red potatoes are expected to be ready in mid-February.

Supplies of yellow potatoes are almost gone from growers in Wisconsin. Growers in Minnesota, North Dakota. Colorado, Idaho and Canada continue to have storage crop available. Pricing will continue to strengthen as supplies become scarcer.

Supply and demand on white potatoes continue to center around the northeast and southeast. Pricing remains very steady.

Fingerling potato pricing and supplies are stable through all shipping regions. Good variety to promote.

Onion Market Update

The overall onion market remains very strong on all sizes and colors. Jumbos and larger-sized onions are limited, with prices reflecting the lower supplies. Freight has been very challenging in the major growing regions of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Winter weather coupled with mountain pass road closures has added to the truck challenges.

Growers in Mexico will have new crop onions available next month. If quality is good, we could see the market soften in the US on yellow and whites onions.

California’s new crop is expected to come on in the early spring. Growers are reporting that crops in the Imperial Valley are coming on nicely.

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