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Potato Market Update

Raw red and russet potatoesRusset potato supplies continue to diminish throughout all major shipping regions to record low levels we have never witnessed. This might be the year where we could see short-term outages in late July and early August. Pricing is also at an all-time high in all sizes.

New red potato crop supplies are expected to come out of the Midwest beginning the week of August 8. 

Supplies of yellow potatoes are becoming more and more available from growers in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina and Virginia. Pricing is firm.

White potatoes are available in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and California. Pricing is strong.

Fingerling potato availability continues to be limited. Growers in California appear to be the only supplier; sitting at a very high price. Growers in New Mexico will soon bring new crop fingerlings to the market. This will bring relief to the short supply.

Onion Market Update

Red, yellow and white raw onions

The onion market remains tight with excellent demand in all colors and sizes. Currently, growers in California and New Mexico are shipping fresh crop onions and sweet onions from growers in Washington and Georgia.

Growers in the Columbia Basin expect to start with storage crop onions at the beginning of August. New crop over winter onions are now available in Oregon.

Rising prices are impacting consumers' ability to buy food and beverages and how to shop

Inflation Graphic

Over half (56%) of consumers* say rising prices have impacted their ability to purchase foods, beverages, and other grocery items “at least somewhat” and 24% report they’ve “really had to rethink how they shop for groceries”.

  • Consumers* in lower (<$35K) to mid
    ($35K to <$100K) income tiers report having to make adjustments in how they grocery shop in roughly equal numbers.
  • Baby Boomers are somewhat less likely to report needed adjustments.

*Among consumers who say they’ve noticed rising prices
Source: May 2022 Hartman Group survey data, n=2,236, The Hartman Group, Inc