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Potato Market Update

Russet potato demand remains very steady with decreasing supplies in all states. Pricing continues to climb due to the reduced supplies.

North Dakota growers expect to have red potato supplies through the end of June. California growers are shipping red potatoes with excellent demand.

Supplies of white potatoes are in very few hands, with most of the supplies remaining near shipping points of Florida and California. 

New crop yellow potatoes are available, but very limited, from growers in Florida, Arizona and California. Pricing remains at near record highs.

Fingerlings potatoes are available in small quantities in both Florida and California. Pricing is extremely high. 

Onion Market Update

Central California is ramping up with onion shipments of red, yellow and white onions this week. Growers are transitioning from Southern California up to Central California. The market is steady with good overall demand. Quality with the new crop in California and New Mexico has been excellent.

Growers in the Columbia Basin and Idaho are seeing good weather for the summer growing season, with plenty of rain. A new crop of winter onions will be ready by the end of June.

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