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Rising Prices & Inflation - How it's Impacting Consumers

  • 88% of consumers feel concerned with inflation and consumer prices.
  • Consumers are seeing prices rise in categories such as: Dairy (milk, cheese, etc.) (82%), Deli/Meat/Fish counter (76%), and paper products (toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, etc.) (73%).
  • Many say they are cutting back in categories like snacks/candy (61%), Drinks (soft drinks, juices, etc.) (49%), Fresh Bakery (46%), and Beauty (Hair products, makeup, etc.) (43%)
  • To cope with high prices, 59% of households are looking for sales/deals/coupons, while 51% are switching to a lower cost brand. 

Source: 84.51 Insights Consumer Digest

% of consumers feeling uncomfortable regarding their finances

% of consumers feeling uncomfortable regarding their finances

Concern that prices will rise in other categories

Concern that prices will rise in other categories

Potato Market Update

Russet Potatoes

Russet potato demand remains remarkably steady. All shipping areas are monitoring their remaining inventories to ensure supplies are available through August 1. Pricing continues to inch upward in all sizes.

Red potato growers in Colorado, Washington, Minnesota and Wisconsin have finished planting, while North Dakota growers have been delayed due to heavy rains.

Supplies of storage crop yellow potatoes are winding down in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Canada. New crop yellow potatoes are available in a minimal way in both Florida and California at an extremely high cost. Demand is steady.

New crop white potatoes are available in both California and Florida, with most of the crop remaining in those regions. Pricing is steady.

New crop fingerling potatoes are starting to become available from growers in California but in a limited way. Pricing is extremely high due to the low supplies.

Onion Market Update

Yellow onions

In the Imperial Valley, California, growers are in full swing with new crop onions. Demand has been good for red, white and yellow onions. Transportation has improved with adequate availability in the major growing areas.

Growers in the Columbia Basin/ Idaho are now finished with storage crop and will transition to a new crop over winter onions next month.

Growers in Texas also have new crop onions available—contact your RPE sales representative today for more information!

Seasonal Tray Items

Grilling is a highlight of the summer season. From brats, burgers and steak to ­fish, chicken or pork chops—America is grilling! And Tasteful Selections® is ready to help consumers enjoy fresh potatoes all summer long.

Now introducing two new micro-ready trays—Garlic Parmesan and American Chophouse.