‘Tis the season for produce promotions!

Realizing the value of heavy potato shoppers

Who are heavy shoppers?

Heavy shoppers purchase an average of over 142 potato products per year. Potato products include: potato chips, fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes and more. Regular shoppers, in contrast, purchase significantly less potatoes in a year and require more incentives to purchase heavily. 

Regular Shopper

Women are buying more potatoes than men in general.

Heavy Shopper

When men go shopping, they are buying more potatoes across the store and considered a heavy potato shopper.

Potato Market Update

The market is experiencing a lull between the holidays, which is typical following the thanksgiving holiday. Expect russet potato demand to increase soon as we near Christmastime ads. Pricing remains steady and firm, with minimal changes.

Growers in South Florida have replanted portions of their crop following heavy October rains. This will push back some new crop red potato supply back to March rather than February.

All shipping areas appear to be comfortable with their remaining yellow potato inventories. No real shortages or supply issues are present throughout the growing regions. Pricing remains unchanged.

No new changes in the white potato market. Supply and demand remain in the northeast and southeast with very little change.

Fingerling potato inventories are plentiful in all growing areas. This variety is very promotable and is a perfect holiday addition. Contact your RPE sales representative today.

Onion Market Update

The overall onion market remains strong as we head into December. There are no large price changes to report, although medium-sized onions have gained some strength following the retails pulls from Thanksgiving.

Growers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho have abundant supplies available. Size profiles vary from shed to shed; however, they are trending on the smaller sizes. Colossal and super-colossal-sized onions are the tightest in availability. Transportation remains a challenge with rates elevated in all growing regions. 

Tasteful Selections® Potato and Coconut Curry

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