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The majority of consumers report grocery prices are rising

Half (51%) of consumers report grocery prices are rising sharply. This is second only to those reporting sharp increases in the prices of fuel (69%) 

  • Women are more likely to report sharp prices increases, especially with groceries
  • Gen Z is somewhat less attuned to rising prices compared to all other generational cohorts.
Prices Rising
Source: May 2022 Hartman Group survey data, n+2.381, The Hartman Group, Inc

Potato Market Udpate

Raw Yellow Potatoes SlicedRusset potato supplies across the nation continue to diminish, resulting in record-low inventories across the country. All shipping regions are likely to experience some spot outages in late July. Pricing and demand remain very strong.

Red potato harvest has began and will soon be available from growers in Texas. Growers in the Midwest expect to begin harvest the first week of August.

Harvest has started for new crop yellow potatoes across multiple growing regions, including California, Arizona and Virginia. Texas growers will begin harvest shortly. Pricing remains strong.

White potatoes remain available in California and Virginia with most products staying close to the shipping area. Pricing continues to be strong, as there are limited supplies.

Few fingerlings are available from growers in California, with record high pricing. Growers in New Mexico will begin harvest in early July, which will be very welcome news to the marketplace.

Onion Market Udpate

Raw yellow Onions Halved

The onion market continues to see tremendous demand throughout the summer. Yellow supply is tight; red supplies are adequate. Growers in California are transitioning to central California.

Growers in the pacific northwest will soon be starting to transition to overwinter yellow and red onions. Growers are experiencing early rain and warmer weather; crops are coming along nicely. 

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