Once again, get your holiday sets placed!

Category insight - Top Holiday Shopping Trends for 2019

Potato market

Pricing remains strong and steady in the russet potato market. All shipping regions seem to be very comfortable with remaining inventories; however, Idaho may see some shortages this season.

Growers in various regions will not have the same red potato inventory as years prior. The red potato market will continue to have strength, especially through the holiday. New crop red potatoes are anticipated to hit the market from Florida growers in February 2020.

Special promotional opportunities on yellow potatoes! Demand and pricing remain steady and quality product is available. Contact your sales representative for details.

The white potato market experienced minimal change in both pricing and demand. Most if not all product remains in the Northeast.

Promote your fingerling potatoes! Inventories remain strong in all shipping areas.

Merchandising update

Once again, it is time to get your holiday sets in place. With the holiday quickly approaching, put your promotional plans and assortments in place now.

Offering a wide assortment is ideal, as shoppers will be looking for a wide array of items. Russet potatoes will still be the main item; however, many customers are looking for other items that catch their eye this time of year. Red, yellow, fingerling and bite-size potatoes will all be on demand.

RPE and Tasteful Selections® has all of these offerings in a wide array of sizes and packaging types. Contact your sales representative today for availability and pricing.

Onion market

The red onion market remains slow as we approach mid-December. There are some reports of quality issues from shippers in the Northwest, but supplies are plentiful across the country.

The yellow onion market has firmed up across the board, and reports show excellent quality. Jumbo-size yellow onions are plentiful in supply, while mediums and smaller sizes are a bit tighter.

The white onion market continues to strengthen domestically. Overall, quality is good, but there are a few reports of minor quality issues.

Did you know?

Potatoes are good for the spleen! Eating foods rich in vitamin B6, like potatoes with their skin on, helps to boost our immune systems, which in turn helps to keep our spleens clean.